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Product of Japan

Mirin (Aji-no-haha) is a naturally sweet cooking wine made from carefully selected sweet brown rice, koji, water and sea salt. The sweet taste of mirin comes from natural saccharides. It contains various types of amino acids, organic acids, vitamins and live enzymes which help in the digestion and absorption of foods. It has no added sugar, colourings, preservatives or additives.

Nature’s Glory mirin is brewed naturally and is different from commercially-produced cooking wine that are made from barley malt, syrup, glucose and other additives.

It is an indispensable, multi-purpose seasoning that is suitable for all types of cooking. Mirin brings out the taste and flavor of vegetables, seaweed, beans, dressings etc. and makes the taste milder; it also complements well with other seasonings like shoyu and miso.

Ingredients: Water, Sweet Brown Rice, Sea Salt and Aspergillus Oryzae (Koji).
Storage: Keep in cool place

Nature's Glory Mirin (Natural Cooking Wine) 650ml

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