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  • Nature’s Glory Plum Balls are rich in organic acids and minerals to help promote vitality, convert fat to energy, aid in digestive systems and boost immunity, and improve liver functions. They also help to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water, food and blood.
  • Nature’s Glory Plum Balls promote vitality, retards aging, and maintains slimness. Plum Balls have high content of citric and phosphoric acids to break down lactic acid; improve metabolism, remove hangovers, retards aging and help in sliming.
  • Nature’s Glory Plum Balls help to guard against acidity in the blood which may lead to toxicity and diseases.
  • Nature’s Glory Plum Balls help to strengthen digestive system. Plum is great in soothing and clearing stomach and gastric ulcers.
  • Nature’s Glory Plum Balls improve liver functions. Plum contains picric acid which helps the liver to neutralize toxins effectively and contributes to overall well-being.
  • Nature’s Glory Plum Balls help to boost immune system. Plum is said to increase the body’s natural healing power and improves resistance to common viral infections such as colds, coughs, and sore throats. Plum also contains benzoaldehyde to relieve fever and pain.
  • Nature’s Glory Plum Balls are rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus. Pregnant women, growing children, elderly people and people who are succumbed to arthritis and rheumatism need high intake of calcium and phosphorus. Women who are anaemic also need high intake of iron. Plum is indeed a rich natural source of minerals.
  • Our plum comes also in paste, concentrate, or in organic pickled umeboshi, good for cooking and medicinal purpose.
  • Nature’s Glory Plum Balls is an exceptionally unique product from Japan. It has more plum concentrate compared to other brands; with no added chemical form of citric acid to make it sour.


Product of Japan

Nature's Glory Plum Balls (150 Balls)

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