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Product of Japan

Sesame Oil is very unique among vegetable oils. Rich in protein, vitamins B1, B2, E, Calcium (1200mg), phosphorous (540mg), iron and unsaturated fat, it is the most resistant of all oils to oxidation, with a high boiling point of 200 °C and low freezing point of -7 °C. The ideal balance of calcium and phosphorous makes sesame seed easily digestible. It is a good stimulant that can help urination and is also effective for diarrhoea.

Sesame oil flows smoothly through the cell system and the unsaturated fat has a high content of linolenic acid and vitamin E which help reduce cholesterol in the blood.Thus, it is beneficial in preventing hardening of arteries.Vitamin E is a superb stimulator of linoleic acid so that the acid is used efficiently inside the body and good for preventing oxidation of fat. It increases stamina and energy; good aroma and taste for dressing and dishes!

Made from 100% sesame seeds which are cold pressed, Nature’️s Glory sesame oil does not use any Hexane for more oil extraction from the seeds and nothing is added in any stage of production.

Suitable for frying.

Ingredients : 100% Sesame Seeds
Storage : Keep in cool, dry, dark place.

Nature's Glory Sesame Oil (Toasted) 330ml

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