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Organic Coconut Sugar

100% Natural Unrefined Sweetener


Ingredients: 100% coconut palm sugar

Certified organic: USDA, EU

  • Certified Organic
  • Natural, Unrefined
  • Low GI
  • Non-GMO

Nature’s Superfoods’ Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is made from 100% PURE nectar of the coconut palm tree (cocos nucifera) flowers, and air-dried to become brown crystals. It is not mixed with palm saps of other varieties, or cane sugar. All-natural, organic, unrefined, gluten-free, preservative-free. No additives, no bleaching.

COCONUT SUGAR: Coconut sugar is considered a better natural sweetener due to its low Glycemic Index (GI) of 35, nutrient content and delicious, rich caramel-like flavor. They contain nutrients like minerals Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Potassium, and Polyphenols; unlike the common table sugar (white cane sugar) which is stripped of all vital nutrients and provide just 'empty' calories. It also provides a slow release of energy. All these make coconut palm sugar a diabetic-friendly natural sweetener. It is less sweet than ordinary white sugar, it has an amazing taste – a great alternative sweetener to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your health.

Botanical name: Cocos nucifera

Health Benefits

  • Energy & Stamina

Additional Benefits

  • Low GI (35) sweetener
  • Will not spike blood levels & slow release of energy
  • Diabetic-friendly

How To Use:

1) Use as 1-to-1 replacement for regular cane sugar (white/brown/raw sugar) in hot/cold beverages, cooking and baking.


Note: All sweeteners, even healthy ones like coconut palm sugar, should be NOT BE consumed in excess. Low GI does not mean NO calories.


Product of Indonesia

Nature's Superfoods Organic Coconut Sugar (250g | 1kg) )

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