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Tea Voyage Plantwise Bone Builder (15 Tea Bags)

Oat straw is an excellent defense against osteoporosis in 2 ways. Firstly it triggers a luteinizing hormone to stimulate cell growth and build bone strength. Secondly, it is rich in 100% natural calcium. Not all calcium is equal. Non-synthetic calcium in oatstraw in its pure natural form is most easily absorbed by the body to build bone strength.


Nettle leaf is rich in calcium and discourages bone loss. It is high in non-synthetic vitamin D to enable formation of calcitriol that regulates bone growth. It facilitates absorption of calcium from the intestines to naturally raise body calcium and eliminates uric acid from joints to reduce joint pain.


Horsetail is rich in silica, which improves the formation, density and consistency of bone tissue. It enhances collagen synthesis and improves the absorption and use of calcium. Additionally, through bone metabolism, bone cells continuously remodel the bones to avoid imbalances that cause brittle bones: osteoblasts builds bones. Studies show horsetail's ability to inhibit osteoclasts while stimulating osteoblasts, helping with osteoporosis, a condition in which osteoclasts are overactive, causing fragile bones.


Fennel Seeds is rich in a host of bone building minerals such most notably, manganese, magnesium and calcium which are important for enzyme activation and bone development.


15 bags x 3.5g

PLANTWISE Bone Builder (15 Sachets)

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