Caffeine Free . 15 Natural Sachets
Origin: Europe

100% Natural, Science-based Formulas
100% No Artificial Flavors & Additives

Combining functional bio-herbs with age-old apothecary’s wisdom, each blend in the Plantwise® series has been researched & formulated with only the highest quality herbs from Europe, carefully selected at peak freshness to retain their maximum life-giving properties heal, nourish & restore.

A blend of fortifying herbs, this synergistic blend of herbs work to build bone density, eliminate joint pain, and fight inflammation in the body, not only relieving symptoms of insufficient bone strength and joint problems but truly eliminating problems at the source. 

How to Brew:
Place a sachet into mug and pour 200-250ml of boiling water. Good for multiple infusions  


Product Description

Oat Straw Green Tops  is an excellent defense against osteoporosis by building bones. It triggers the release of a luteinizing hormone which stimulates cell growth, making it effective in building bone strength. Oat straw is also very rich in calcium and bone-bolstering minerals. Not all calcium is born equal: unprocessed calcium in oat straw in its natural form is easily assimilated by the body, non-toxic, has no side effects & is significantly more effective.

Nettle Leaf is rich in calcium & discourages bone loss in osteoporosis patients. Its is high in Vitamin D which is rare in the plant world, without which calcium cannot be properly absorbed: vitamin D enables formation of calcitriol, a hormone that regulates body calcium & bone growth. It facilitates the absorption of calcium from the intestines and decreases the rate at which it is excreted in urine, raising calcium levels in the body. It also promotes elimination of uric acid from joints, improving joint mobility & reducing joint pain.

Java Leaf immediate relief from gout, joint pain and stiffness. An infusion is especially good for tackling kidney stones, is anti-aging, anti-cancer, relieves stress & gives your body a much needed gentle detox

PLANTWISE Bone Builder (15 Sachets)