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Caffeine Free . 15 Natural Sachets
Origin: Europe

100% Natural, Science-based Formulas
100% No Artificial Flavors & Additives

Combining functional bio-herbs with age-old apothecary’s wisdom, each blend in the Plantwise® series has been researched & formulated with only the highest quality herbs from Europe, carefully selected at peak freshness to retain their maximum life-giving properties heal, nourish & restore.

A blend of fortifying herbs, this synergistic blend relieves tension in the body and creates a calm in the mind. Feel the day melt away as you fall into a peaceful slumber.

How to Brew:
Place a sachet into mug and pour 200-250ml of boiling water. Good for multiple infusions


Product Description

Orange Lily as a non-commercial flower has been long forgotten as an effective traditional remedy for insomnia and restless sleep with an abundance of dreams. It calms the nervous system and regulates the heartbeat in stressful situations

Passion Flower reduces insomnia by promoting GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain that decreases excitability and reduces muscular tension. It is effective in everyday stress management

Chamomile contains flavonoids apigenin luteolin and quercetin that promote smooth muscle relaxation and allow gradual calming down of the system. Chrysin, a natural sleeping aid, is also a notable component in chamomile

Spearmint is a muscle relaxant with a sedative effect on sufferers of depression and insomnia. It contains carvone, a compound that limits the body’s response to painful stimuli and alleviates tension.

Lavender improves sleep quality by slowing the nervous system. It contains medicinal compounds that are anti-spasmodic ,relaxing the blood vessels and small muscles in the neck, head and eye area.


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