Caffeine Free . 15 Natural Sachets
Origin: Europe

100% Natural, Science-based Formulas
100% No Artificial Flavors & Additives

Combining functional bio-herbs with age-old apothecary’s wisdom, each blend in the Plantwise® series has been researched & formulated with only the highest quality herbs from Europe, carefully selected at peak freshness to retain their maximum life-giving properties heal, nourish & restore.

A blend of fortifying herbs, this synergistic blend works to eliminate headaches by relieving muscular tension and relaxing the central nervous system

How to Brew:
Place a sachet into mug and pour 200-250ml of boiling water. Good for multiple infusions 


Product Description

Lemon verbena has calming properties that soothe the nervous system. It naturally relieves stress & relieves mental tension caused by overcrowded thoughts & a restless mind

Passion flower reduces irritability and insomnia by promoting GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain that promotes calm & relaxes muscles. It is well used in Europe in the management of everyday stress and anxiety.

Lemongrass activates the release of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that combats & soothes headaches and relaxes those who consume it, alleviating most stress-induced headaches.

Spearmint is a muscle relaxant and is a gentle sedative for people prone to depression or insomnia. It contains carvone, a compound that limits the body’s response to painful stimuli, which is what alleviates tension, headaches and stress.


Categories: Plantwise Series, Healing Herbs, Aches/Pains/Bones, Sleep/Depression.

PLANTWISE Headache Away