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Tea Voyage Plantwise Immunity Boost (15 Tea Bags)


Oregano Leaf contains the active agent Rosmarinic acid, a strong antioxidant that supports immune system health. Oregano leaf has one of the highest antioxidant activity ratings at 42x that of apples. It contains beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP) that inhibits inflammation and metabolic diseases.


Papaya leaf contains powerful antioxidants that boost the immune system, starving off cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. Papaya leaves create " Th1" a cytokine which boosts the immune system. It also contains more than 50 anti-ageing compounds to maintain younger looking skin.


Cleavers Herb enhances the function of lymphatic system and improves its ability to flush out toxins, decreasing congestion and reducing swelling. The lymp-clensing action of this herb in turn enhances the function of the immune system. Cleavers is the ultimate springtime herb and starts to appear when sluggish immune systems are in need of a boost.


Thyme leaf contains the powerful antioxidant Thymol. that gives the body a strong immunity boost. Thyme infusion has been used since ancient times to combat bronchitis and relieve coughs and has been approved for this use by the German Commission E, which evaluates safety and efficacy of herbal preparations in Germany. It also increase healthy fats in the brain cells, protecting against age-related changes.

PLANTWISE Immunity Boost

  • 15 Tea Bags

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