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Caffeine Free . 15 Natural Sachets
Origin: Europe

100% Natural, Science-based Formulas
100% No Artificial Flavors & Additives

Combining functional bio-herbs with age-old apothecary’s wisdom, each blend in the Plantwise® series has been researched & formulated with only the highest quality herbs from Europe, carefully selected at peak freshness to retain their maximum life-giving properties heal, nourish & restore.

A combination of herbs that work in tandem to melt away the most stubborn tension in your body

How to Brew:
Place a sachet into mug and pour 200-250ml of boiling water. Good for multiple infusions 


Product Description

Holy Basil Leaf contains 11 known active compounds that reducing stress by lowering cortisol levels, conserving energy production and decreasing adrenal size, allowing for significant anti-stress capability on several levels. It also has effective anti-inflammatory properties, containing high quantities of the omega-3 essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid while inhibiting inflammation.

Passion Flower Herb is a potent herb used for centuries as a calming agent. When the body undergoes physical or psychological stress, the stress hormone cortisol is released. One effect of cortisol is fat accumulation. Passion flower reduces these damaging cortisol levels through stress and anxiety relief.

Nettle Leaf provides the body with absorbable stress reducing nutrients. Its infusion is high in calcium and magnesium which can help to calm frazzled nerves. This allows nettle leaf to help with relaxation and deep sleep.

PLANTWISE Stress Buster

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