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A special blend of eight healing ingredients: Lilies, winter pine, sweet tangerines, green velvet tips, young french rosebuds, baby chrysanthemums, red jujubes and tibetan goji berries. This sweet and visually colourful beverage has a restorative effect on the body. It promotes blood circulation, boost eye and hair health, increases immunity and repairs the skin. Originating from Northwestern China where there are a large number of Muslims who do not drink alcohol, people of Hui Nationality instead made drinking 8 Treasure Tea an important part of Chinese "drinking Culture".


Steep 1 herb bag in 1 up of boiling water for 5 mins and enjoy. Good for multiple brews. (18g x 8 Herb Bags)

Tea Voyage Plantwise 8 Treasure Tea (18g x 8 Herb Bags)

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