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Tea Voyage Plantwise Gymnema (3g x 20 teabags)

Blood Sugar Balance 
Gymnema is popularly used in combination with other diabetes medications to lower blood sugar. That is why it's also called gurmar. which is Hindi for "destroyer of sugar". Gymnema also blocks receptors in your intestines that slow down sugar absorption, lowering post-meal blood sugar levels. This reduction in blood sugar after a meal results in a decrease in average blood sugar levels over time, helping to decrease the long-term complications of diabetes. 


Insulin Level Balance
Gymnema's aids in increased insulin secretion, meaning that sugar is cleared from your blood at a faster rate. People with pre diabetes or type 2 diabetes tend to not make enough insulin, or their cells become less sensitive to it over time. This results in consistently high blood sugar levels. Gymnema stimulates insulin production in the pancreas, promoting the regeneration of insulin-producing islet cells. This is believed to help in the lowering of blood sugar levels. 


Place a teabag in a mug and pour 200-250ml of boiling water. Steep for 2-5 minutes and enjoy multiple brews. 

Tea Voyage Plantwise Gymnema (3g x 20 teabags)

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