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Java Leaf has been listed in french, Indonesian, Dutch and Swiss pharmacopoeias since ancient times as a remedy for kidney ailments. Its diuretic properties increase the Kidney's ability to eliminate nitrogen-containing compounds and experts believe it to be an effective for promoting renal functions because of the flavones, glycoside, volatile oil and potassium it contains. Recent studies have also showed its caffeic acid and rosmarinic content to trigger helpful biological mechanisms.


Uva Ursri have been used medicinally by Native Americans for centuries to help in curing kidney and urinary-related infections. Its leaves are used primarily for urinary tract disorders, including infections of the kidney, bladder and inflammation of the urinary tract; increased urination; painful urination; and urine that contains excess uric acid or other acids.



More that 85% of chronic kidney failure is reported to be attributed to inflammatory reactions within kidneys. Yarrow has been used for more than 3000 years to inhibit these inflammatory reactions and prevent further kidney damage. It improves blood circulation all over the body and aids in chronic renal failure caused by lack of blood supplement. Place a bag in a mug and pour 200-250ml boiling water.


Steep for 3-5 mins and enjoy multiple brews.

Tea Voyage Plantwise Kidney Cleanse (15 tea bags)

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