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Pain Relief

One of the most notable benefits of pandan-lemongrass tea is its ability to relieve pain. It reduces gum pain and oral problems and gives relief to sufferers of headaches, earaches and chest pains just by a simple tea infusion. This infusion is extremely good for arthritis. When movement becomes limited, one of the most common reasons is due to a form of arthritis, which is an inflammation of at least one joint, affecting the ability to perform mundane tasks. Pandan-Lemongrass tea greatly reduces joint inflammation and is an integral part of pain reduction and management.


Reducing inflammation

Pandan lemongrass tea is strongly anti-inflammatory: Scieintific studies shows it shares the same properties as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs but has been found to be more effective less the side effects. It contains citral that inhibits the formation of acid that causes inflammation.


Detoxification and Antioxidant Activity

Pandan-lemongrass is high in polyphenol content that fights free radical damage and has high antioxidant activity. It helps the liver with its detoxifying function, discharging toxins and unhealthy substances from the liver and body. It is also a very gentle laxative, easing the process of waste excretion.


Place herb bag into a mug and pour 220ml of hot milk and enjoy. Add honey or brown sugar to taste.

Tea Voyage Plantwise Pandan Lemongrass (4g x 20 Herb Bags)

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