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Hemo Shield is your best choice for iron supplementation when you need it! Ultra Hemo ShieldTM is a non-ionic form of iron which is easily assimilated. It has a unique 4-in 1 nutritional combination: Iron, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, to help achieve a healthy blood count and good complexion. Ultra Hemo ShieldTM also contain natural vegetable concentrates such as Acerola, Betaine, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Lycopene and Bilberry to help regulate the biological system and maintain healthy red blood cells.
Take one (1) capsule after meal, three times daily.
Veggie Capsule
Product Liability Insured        
GMP Certified
 Manufactured in USA.

Ultra LIfe Science Ultra Hemoshield (120 Capsules)

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