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Natural ingredients
No Artificial flavourings and Preservatives added
ISO-22000, HACCP, HALAL International certified
No pesticide residues, E.coli contamination
100% made in Taiwan


Prevents anaemia, restores skin elasticity and promotes hair growth
Suitable for: Preventing anaemia, lower cholesterols, dry skin, constipation, baldness, hair growth.
Benefits of Black Sesame Cereal
 a) The natural vitamin E in the black sesame coordinates vitamin A and C providing the skin with sufficient moisture and minerals which is good beneficial for skin texture.
 b) Contains iron, lecithin and vitamin E which prevents anaemia, revitalize brain cells, prevents forming of gall stones and reduce cholesterol in the blood stream.
Net Weight: 37g x 10 sachets

Yes Natural Black Sesame Cereal (10 Sachets)

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